Beautiful October Weather

As I sit out here on the deck in back of my home watching and listening to the birds, I think about how perfect is the weather as the sun shines through the leaves of the trees, which are still green but are getting ready to change. There is a slight breeze, the humidity is low, and all is peaceful and calm.

Other than when a tropical storm approaches, October is one of the most predictable months in the Atlanta area in terms of weather. For as long as I have been living here, the weather is usually as it is right now, which is as close to perfection as possible.

The first Delta Air Lines FlyerTalk event occurred in June of 2009. The weather was hot, humid and sticky, which was certainly not conducive to venues that occurred where there was no temperature control, such as the Delta Heritage Museum. Still, everyone had a great time.

Wisely, the event for 2010 is scheduled on October, ready to begin in fewer than three weeks. All indications suggest that this year will easily surpass last year in many aspects. Hopefully weather will be one of those aspects.

Now if only this weather which I am currently enjoying will last for at least another three weeks and a day…

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One Response to Beautiful October Weather

  1. rav says:

    It feels great to take time out of busy life and enjoy the weather!

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