The Six W’s Of Attending a DO

Whether this is your 1st FT DO or your 51st, most of us either consciously or subconsciously go through a mental checklist of the 6 W’s when deciding to attend.

Here’s my criteria for deciding to attend a DO:

1. WHEN: When a DO is being held is probably the key determining factor for most folks. Whether it be jobs, vacation, family issues or something else vying for our time, most FT’ers lead very busy lives and the rigid dates of a DO many times conflicts with what else is going on in our lives.

2. WHERE: In the true FT spirit, where a DO is being held is very important to many FT’ers. It usually must be someplace interesting (that’s why there aren’t an abundance of DO’s in Peoria, IL ;)) and, for many FT’ers, the farther away and more exotic, the more appealing.

3. WHAT: As in “What are we doing at the DO?”, is probably of least importance to me but I realize I may be in the minority here. While the scheduled activities for this DO are nothing short of amazing and I’m looking forward to each and every one, the What doesn’t generally rank high on my list of why I attend a DO.

4. WHO: Now we’re getting into the real meat and potatoes of why I decide to attend a DO. It’s all about meeting and greeting old friends and putting names and faces to FT handles I have yet to meet.

For those attending their first DO, you’ll be amazed at how much your FT posting experience will be enhanced after you physically meet many of the folks who have only been a faceless handle on FT up until now.

DO’s are very much about the social aspects be they shared meals, a drink in the Lounge, a spontaneous breakout session in the hotel lobby or a casual conversation in the bus while riding to dinner. These are all chances to get to know your fellow FT’ers much better and to cuss and discuss miles and points strategies.

5. WHY: This is the easiest one.

Just because. šŸ™‚

Technically there’s a sixth W which is actually an H:

6. HOW: By airplane. This is FlyerTalk after all.

However the ATL locals may be excused from this requirement.

See you all in 19 days!!

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