It truly takes a village

We are just a little less than four weeks away to the start of the event.    The excitement surrounding the event is growing, and for the planning team, so is the anxiety.   The weekly planning conference call this week produced a list of logistics and planning items that is very LONG and daunting.  We are in full now in full implementation mode!

With all of the work and activity going on, I actually spent a few moments reflecting on how lucky we are all to be a part of this event.  This year’s event is larger and the venues even broader, and for me, the hallmark of this event is already taking place – the ability to create a much stronger sense of community.   You can read it in the posts and exchanges on FlyerTalk.  You can see it in the willingness of so many that step up and not only volunteer and help, but to step in and answer other’s questions.  You can see it when individuals spend countless hours pulling their areas of contribution together, making it the best it can be.   You will see it in person at the event from the incredible Delta Employees who are working along side of us to make this a great event and you will certainly see the team of 20+ FlyerTalk volunteers who are now working harder than ever behind the scenes to pull this together.

Many of you will get the chance to reunite with old friends, and many of you will meet and make new friends for the first time.  We will all be a part of an event that will bring fellow FlyerTalk members and literally over a hundred Delta Employees together for four days of fun, learning and excitement with a true sense of community.  I know I speak on behalf of so many when I say, I am proud and honored to be a part of this community!

Before it gets crazy and hectic again, let me pause and say THANK YOU to everyone that is working so hard to help pull this event together.   Your contributions are greatly appreciated by so many!  What a great team of people.

What’s next… stay tuned for the next update and a sneak preview of the day in the life of an Atlanta Worldport Airport Customer Service employee.   Welcome Aboard!

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