A few words on volunteering

When Canarsie asked for volunteers, I was ready.  Big C was offering hard work with no pay but he, along with altdlff and WesNSpace, had already put in hundreds of hours coordinating this DO.  My time investment would be negligible.

Turns out I was responsible for the FT shirts.  Fine, I figured it was as simple as write an email or something and that would be it.  Well, nothing is that simple with this DO because our organizers want everything to be just perfect for everyone.

Not complaining at all here, simply highlighting how the Big Three are so totally committed to giving attendees nothing less than the very best.  Take out their part and what we have is a 1-day DO with dinner somewhere.  Everything beyond that is because they have worked tirelessly to make this the Best.Field.Trip.Ever.

Seeing them working so hard, it was easy to say yes to volunteering.  Thanks for letting me give back a little and help all the other volunteers who has given us an event memory that will last a lifetime.

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One Response to A few words on volunteering

  1. dlroads says:


    Thanks for the hard work! as one the stat. t-shirts says, you are statistically significant (Yes, I got a t-shirt like that for a friend…)

    Long live the DO,


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