The people behind the persona’s…

There is A LOT to look forward to at the big ATL DO…. Personally I’m looking forward to meeting people.  As I’m not staying at the hotel I’m making a mental list of fellow flyertalkers who I want to make sure to meet in person.  For instance, is Dovester really a dirty old man, or just the kindly old Yiddish grand pa that every New Yorker seems to know?

Fortunately the registration website (thanks WesNSpace!) has a list of the usernames of attendees.

In addition I’m looking forward to meeting the DL people!  First on my list is WoXof_2p2 who has been answering questions on his own thread.

Then there are the various safetly video people:

ExitRowGirl (if Dovester doesn’t scare her away!)

SeatBelt guy (Frank)

And of course Kat (Deltalina)

In closing I’ll leave y’all with a challenge….anyone look familiar in this video:

And can we get them to repeat their performance?

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