How do you explain the DO to non-FF?

Flying there in not half  the fun, it’s all the fun…

but how do explain it to others? I have a fellow who hates flying. Yes, you’ve heard it. He would drive from NY to SC and not take an hour flight. Rejected a free conference trip (BE) to the West Coast… well, you know the kind of guy. Just not the flying guy. That’s fine, I am not the cruise guy.

But we are both into numbers. So, the first time I told him how I flew in in less than 2cpm, and cashed them into two business class tickets (more or less 4.6 times the investment), his reaction was “wow!” (but, still, he was more excited about the EU tax refund for shopping… another post, another time). He got the idea of mileage earnings. He understand that sub-context of the medallion world, though he never had to handle the broken award calender… (again, different post, different story).

But, flying for two days (annual vacation time)+weekend+paying, staying near the airport, at the airport, with the planes, and be excited about it? that was above and beyond. So, how do you explain the opprotunities?

So, I tried. I talked with him about the tricks, about the food, about the insights, about having the opprotunity to ask the hard questions, and if you don’t get the answers, have one of the other 100+ people there standing up and say “excuse me, why didn’t you answer dlroads’ question?” (the old fashion school boards trick someone showed me once…), getting to know the people who in-charge of the roads, so you can make it home in case of trouble.  I continued with the SIM (ok, I am thrilled about it, but he hates flying, did I mention that?), and all the readings I did about that, three free dinners (did not buy into it), and drinks (well, I’m not a big drinker either), walk a mile (“ok, you’re paying to work? for free? on weekend? at 5:45am? better have a supermodel as your fellow gate agent!”)

Well, I told him: it’s about people to people. We are spending so much time on the road a year, crossing each other’s routes more than occasionally, but we rarely have a chance to actually stop and talk to each other. And, nothing better than having a picture inside an engine of one of the big birds… (maybe).

And, it’s much warmer in Atlanta in October than it is in New York! that got him… let’s see, maybe he would join now…If not, I’d try convincing him that we can have an auction for a dinner with Deltania, all money raised goes to charity (Now, I just need to get him on a plane to see the safety presentation)

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One Response to How do you explain the DO to non-FF?

  1. hermanhrs says:

    I tell people I am going to “The Delta Airlines Users Conference.” People they get the idea. I’m now a bit shy about talking about it as either folks just don’t get it/aren’t interested or really do get what privlage it is to do this and are a bit envious.

    In a lot of ways, my home is my legal residence but I live (and sleep) on Delta Airlines – not as much as many of you do for work but a lot still the same.

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